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Printed Photo Organization

Printed Photo Organizing, Calgary, Alberta

Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of organizing or downsizing your entire family photo collection? 

Have your children grown up, left the nest and now is the right time to organize and downsize your photos?  Do you feel the urgency to preserve your treasured photos for your children and grandchildren to enjoy?  Or maybe you’ve inherited photos from older family members but you haven’t gotten control over your own yet?  We know how intimidating and time consuming it can be to attend to the task!

calgary photo organizing

If you have photos tucked away and forgotten in old albums, envelopes and shoeboxes… we can help!

To start, we will help you find and gather your photos from all areas of your home, garage or storage facility into one place.  We will discuss the ways your precious photos can be organized and preserved and choose the method that works best for you. 

This leads us to the heart of the organization process; carefully sorting your photographs one by one into the order you have chosen and separating the duplicates and poor quality photos (i.e. blurry, dark etc) from the rest.  There are two options to choose from as we prepare to sort your photos:

1) We can work together: We are happy to work side-by-side with you at your residence where we will help you to sort, make decisions, and stay on track.  This part of the process often brings up memories both happy and sad, we are sensitive to your feelings through this process. In fact, it’s not unheard of for us to shed a tear along with a client as she recalls a memory from a photo she hasn’t seen in many years. After all, our passion for people and their family stories is what motivated the creation of PhotoWise!


2) We can do it for you: Some clients prefer the “photo fairy method” where we take the mess of photos away and *poof!* return with a beautifully organized collection. If you prefer us to organize them for you at our studio, we will record a family timeline including members names, birth dates and important life event information and then return the organized photos to you once completed.

Now your treasured family photo collection is neatly organized and it’s a breeze for you to find any photo you are looking for – anytime!  Ahhhh… doesn’t that feel great!? Photo Storage Boxes calgary photo organizing

Finally, we decide if some or all of your photos should be digitally scanned (to protect them long-term and/or share them with family) and proceed to choosing final storage options such as archival boxes, envelopes, or photo safe albums.

Allow us to give you the peace of mind that your treasured memories are safe, accessible and sharableLet’s discuss the possibilities of working together – contact us today!