Digital Photo Management

Digital Photo Organization & Management, Calgary, Alberta

Are your photos living in a big disorganized mess on your computer, tablet and phone?

calgary digital photo organizing of outdated forms of media including cds and vhs


Do you still have photos sitting on old camera cards, usb drives, dvds or even  – gasp! – floppy disks?  Do your digital photos and folders possess useless names that mean nothing to you? (i.e. DCIM, IMG94782, DSC_7658…).  Are you unable to locate specific photos when you need them for a special event or project?

If you have photos on multiple devices and in a variety of disorganized files and folders and you are feeling overwhelmed – we can help!

Transferring your digital photos from your camera to your computer without an organized filing system in place is basically the equivalent to storing your printed photos in shoeboxes, drawers, and old sticky albums. Except, in some ways it can be even more dangerous!  If you don’t know what you have, where you have it or what it’s named – it’s pretty easy to delete your photos by accident.  This often happens when we upgrade to a new computer, phone or tablet.

We can help you to gather all of your photos from your devices and media, organize them, remove duplicates, and perform file/folder renaming. We will teach you a simple process to maintain the order yourself – or we can schedule quarterly visits to your home to maintain it on your behalf.

calgary digital photo organizing

Are you terrified at the thought of a computer hard drive failure because it is the only place your photo collection is stored?

Do you use Facebook and social media as a way to store or save your family photos?  What if your smart phone was lost or stolen? Does the thought of a fire or flood bring the image to mind of frantically trying to unplug and carry your desktop computer through the house? Well, then we really need to talk!

We offer a variety of back-up solutions to protect your photos against loss.  After assessing your particular situation and needs, we can decide together on the best method to protect your memories.

Here at PhotoWise we love to create order from chaos and provide you with peace of mind.   We will clean up your digital photo mess and leave you with a beautifully organized collection and reliable back-up system.

Let’s discuss the possibilities of working together – contact us today!