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Photo Books Make The Perfect Holiday Gifts For Your Family

Welcome to the month of December!

For many Canadians, this month marks the most joyous time of the year. With the holidays coming, many families are planning their get-togethers and parties and will be engaging in the annual traditions of eating hearty meals, singing carols and exchanging gifts.

I’m willing to bet that, like most holiday seasons, you’re …

Dear Empty Nesters, I Can Help You Downsize!

Dear Empty Nesters, I Can Help You Downsize!

Welcome to June! It’s a wondrous month for most kids, because it represents the last month of school. For so many parents, however, it’s a time of year when they fear how crazy their homes are about to get with the kids being in them more often. Needless to say, most parents …

The Importance Of Preserving Your Children’s Artwork

How to Preserve and Display Your Children’s Artwork

In case you haven’t yet been able to tell, I’m the sentimental type. I can get misty-eyed watching romantic comedies or when someone does something thoughtful for me. That goes double when it comes to my kids! As a mother of two, I can’t tell you how many times I have had …