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How To Give New Life To Old Photographs

How To Provide New Life To Old Memories

Now that September is here, our children are about to embark on a new school year where more memories will be made. There’s a special feeling that comes with the first day of school each year – for both children and their parents. Parents can’t help but pull out the camera to capture those infectious smiles (and sometimes frowns) that appear on the faces of their children during this time of year.

I gleefully imagine that, one day, they’ll be able to look back on the photos and share stories with their kids about the memories they made while in school. Of course, in the future, it will be a lot simpler for my kids to be able to preserve and share their photos than it was for me – because just about every picture taken these days is saved and backed up digitally. If you’re like me and you have a ton of old printed photos, know that there’s no better way to ensure their preservation than to have them digitized!

Digitizing your photos protects them from being lost forever!

Old Photos To Be Restored in Calgary

Not only is it a good idea to scan your old photos so that they can be shared online (emailing them to family members who live abroad is a whole lot easier, faster, and cheaper than shipping a stack of photos in the mail), but photo scanning also helps to preserve memories that would otherwise deteriorate.

Here’s hoping you never have to encounter a mishap that destroys your photos forever…

“We never think it’s going to happen to us until – well – it happens to us,” comments Curtis Bisel on, “We build our homes with wood and run pipes in and around them so it only seems reasonable to expect a few of them here and there might catch on fire or get really wet. Your insurance might replace a lot of possessions, but it’s not going to bring back those albums full of paper prints.”

Digitization can breathe new life into your old and damaged photos!

Our dear ancestors deserve more than to have their precious photographs kept in storage – fading away all crumpled and torn. Luckily, modern technology has blessed us with a little something called digital photo restoration. It makes your old photos new again, our clients often say it’s ‘like magic’.

“As soon as you digitize your vintage pictures, deterioration is arrested,” explains Frank Arnoth on, “Perhaps more importantly, the digitized images can, in many cases, be brought back to their original glory with relative ease, if the changes have not been too great.”

Before and After of Digital Photo Restoration Calgary

Our Photo Restoration Service; Before and After

Did you know that both Photo Scanning and Photo Restoration are specialties at PhotoWise?

The before and after photo above is from my personal collection of ancestry photos. This precious little photo is only 2 inches big, cut on various angles, and was also folded, scratched and stained.  It was carried around this way for many years and traveled half way around the world before it reached it’s current home in my cherished collection.  I was determined to repair it and share it with my extended family – both as a digital image and published in my family heritage photo books.  Mission Accomplished!

At PhotoWise we use a variety of professional high-resolution scanning machines and custom software applications to preserve and restore your precious photos.  Each photo is scanned by hand, checked for quality, and includes straightening, cropping, and basic image enhancement.  If your photo is damaged and needs more repair we will scan it and digitally restore it without affecting the original print.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me today to find out how we can help organize, digitize and restore your family photos to bring new life to them and preserve your precious memories forever!