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Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration, Calgary, Alberta

At PhotoWise we offer custom digital photo restoration, retouching, and enhancement to give new life to your photos!

Before and After Calgary Photo RestorationBefore the digital age, photo restoration had to be done to the original photo using chemicals – which put it at risk for destruction!  Today, we begin by scanning your photograph at a very high resolution to make a digital copy. We then manually restore the copy using professional software, which requires skill, precision and time – this means there is no risk to the original!

vintage black and white photographs

We care for your photos like they were our own.

Do you have special photographs you would like to preserve, print or publish but sadly, they are torn, scratched, cracked or otherwise damaged?

Restoring vintage photographs of your ancestors makes it possible to preserve their legacies for generations to come.  Your photos may arrive here torn, scratched, faded, stained or creased but we can bring them back to life again depending on how extensive the damage is.  However, photo restoration is not exclusive to old black and white photos. Even those taken as recently as the 1980’s may have begun to fade or otherwise expire.

calgary photo restoration

We believe that yesterday’s memories preserved with today’s technology provide tomorrow’s treasures.

Once your photo is restored you can make as many copies as you wish.  Everyone can then have that photo of your handsome great-grandfather in their home too!

Contact us today to revive those precious heirlooms and give them new life!


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